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The worse holiday of mylife was two years ago.

 I was in my car going to Galicia, when a plane fell in the middle of the highway. We didn't know what happened, until two days later.

We were two days in the motorway with a lot of cars that couldn't move. A lot of voluntaries gave food to others that didn't have.

My father went to see the plane and then I when there too. It was the worst experience because two days in a car were horrible.


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Two summers ago, I was in the Grand Canyon, in Las Vegas with my family when a lot of people started to run to a dangerous part of the canyon. We didn't know why, but we decided to go there too.

People were crying when a woman told me that I had to call the ambulance beacuse a man had fallen off the canyon and he was ten meters further down with a broken leg. I called the police and the ambulance because my parents couldn't speak English, so I had to talk.

Four hours later the police arrived because the Grand Canyon is very far from Las Vegas, and they helped the man to go up. Then the people in the ambulance put a bandage on the man's leg and they put the man in to the ambulance. 

Finally the police gave me a paper where stated that I had helped American police in a mision. 


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Technology helps us every day in our society. Life is easier with it, but, is it good to have technology always? That's what I want to analice: technology in education, like everything in life, have advantages and disadvantages and I'm going to put some examples.

Two examples of disadvantages are that the students waste a lot of time because they have more distractions that if they have a book; the second disadvantage is that they get lower marks because if students are with computers or laptops/ smartphones, they can enter in social media or play videogames so they waste all the concentration.

On the other hand, thechnology has advantages in education like for example it improves the autonomy of the students, since they can do a lot of things alone. Another advantage is that they have a lot of information on the internet and students don't have to waste time searching for a book in the library.

However, I think that all of us must to have a computer or something like that because it's very useful to do works, but in my opinion, we shouldn't change a real book for a laptop.